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Growing up, regardless of the gender, everyone loved coloring. From painting into apples and castles, we all grew up. Wouldn’t it be cool to relive that part of your childhood again in your adulthood? If you answered yes, then Paint by numbers is what’s been missing from your adulthood. With Paint by Numbers, it doesn't matter whether you are the next ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ or paint like a toddler who’s holding the paintbrush for the first time, anyone can and is recommended to give it a shot! What makes it better than your conventional coloring/painting books? Along with this, Paint by Numbers helps you distract you from your daily problems and work stress. Paint your heart out after a long day at work.

Paint-by-Numbers Inventor

Dan Robins studied Da Vinci and found out that he used to teach the basics of painting to his apprentices using numbers on a canvas. Dan Robbins, known as “The father of Paint by Numbers” used this idea to create kits which allowed everyone to enjoy painting. The idea, as the name suggests, is to use the color of paint in the area corresponding to the number to create a masterpiece.

Accessories are Important

When you are buying a paint-by-number kit, it is highly recommended that you buy a frame with every kit. It will help you paint better. Frames are available in all sizes. Our DIY frames can be put together in a matter of minutes but we assure you, they will complement your painting. You can also choose canvas already mounted on frame, which is framed (assembled) kit.

Another accessory we suggest you ‘add to cart’ are the brushes. These brushes are available in different sizes. Why is it important to get brushes because you never know what number is assigned to which part of the picture. What if you had a size 10 brush and you had a paint a rock? It is vital to get the bush set in order to complete your painting neatly. Available in different sizes, hair length and hair widths, you can fill the tiniest of places with the color.

Furthermore, if you get the hang of it and let your inner artist out, we suggest you get the portable easel. Not only it could be your art-work-desk but it can store your accessories. Also, it looks super cool having a painting you’re working on it. If you feel like painting while enjoying the great weather outside or have to keep an eye on your child, you can pick it up and go wherever you need to. With the storage compartment, it is easy to carry your supplies too! If you don’t like painting while standing you can get yourself tabletop art easel. Now you can paint while being in bed. How cool is it? You can also get regular easel to display your art pieces if you don't want to knock your walls by hanging them.

Lastly, you can get your hands on the storage cases. They are helpful when you’re planning on traveling and can’t live without painting (which we assure you will not be able to do once you start). They’re available in different sizes and materials.

Why Paint by Numbers?

We understand the worst part of painting. It is to look for a painting set. Well, we believe you will be excited to hear that the Paint by Numbers comes with a complete set. This means you do not have to search numerous stores, looking for an art kit. This spares you from an early roadblock as the kit includes brushes, paints and canvases. Furthermore, you don’t have to prep the canvas, it already is which saves you time and energy. Not only this, but once you’re done with the canvas, you have to prep your paints and brushes.  Gladly, everything is done for you when you opt for Paint by Numbers.

Secondly, Paint by Numbers is for everyone. It does not matter whether you’re a beginner or pro. If you have no idea what you’re doing, Paint by Numbers can serve as your guide. Starting off can be very difficult and you can lose interest if you’re not guided properly.  Paint by Number canvases are marked according to their corresponding paints which helps beginners. For advanced artists, even though they can follow the pattern, but they have the liberty to experiment with colors, creating their own distinguished masterpiece(s).

Lastly, Paint by Numbers helps you develop and/or enhance your creativity skills. It helps you learn and experiment with new styles. Even though, acing a skill only comes with practice but you need to experiment and expand your domain to master it and Paint by Numbers helps in that. It’s like learning a new song to play on an instrument. Not only will you learn a new song to play on that instrument but you also improve your basic skills.

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Paint by Numbers DIY offers a variety of kits. With 2000+ designs in their stock, there’s everything for everyone. Do you like painting animals? Do you like painting scenery? Do you like painting your role model? We have a huge range of designs to choose from. Not only this, we have many exclusive kits which means you could be among the few which have a certain painting only. How amazing is that? Still not impressed? We can make a kit for a photo of your choice. Custom Paint by Numbers kit takes 7-9 days to be ready.

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