How to Frame a Paint by Numbers Canvas

Here’s a list of things you will need to stretch and frame the canvas:

  1. A staple gun;
  2. A box of staples;
  3. A scissor that can easily cut through fabric;
  4. A rubber headed hammer;
  5. Wooden stretcher bars;
  6. Canvas Pliers.


  1. Firstly, join the stretcher with the help of the hammer. Make sure the bars form a right angle (aligned at 90 degrees).
  2. Staple the corners so they are help together. You will notice it looks like a rectangle.
  3. Now put your canvas on the stretcher bars. If there is extra canvas, make sure it folds on the outside edges.
  4. Two inches apart, put at least 3 staples so the canvas is taught and held tightly. You can start on any side.
  5. When starting the other side, make sure you pull the canvas tightly with a clamp and then staple in middle.
  6. Fold the corners and staple them.

There! Your canvas is stretched and framed. You can start working on your masterpiece. In case, at any time, you realize the canvas isn’t stretched properly, take out all the pins and follow the above steps again!

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