About Us

Instances define experiences. To start a new crafts project is a great experience and we here at paintbynumbersdiy.com live by that vision, but one of the catalysts to start this company was a bad instance that helped to define a memorable experience.

Having been shipped a Paint-by-Numbers kit about a month late with extra charges was quite an uncomfortable experience. But it did not end there, for, when the kit was unpacked, a crumpled canvas and missing paints awaited me. After having such an experience, it was quite natural to be inclined to either give up on the aspirations to start crafts projects or to make sure someone else does not get their experience spoiled due to mishaps or low-quality service.

So, I decided to take the matter in my own hands and start an online store, Paint-by-Numbers DIY, that aimed to counter all the bad instances I had when I first started out to become Paint-by-Numbers artist. To make sure that people had a great experience of starting a crafts project, Paint-by-Numbers DIY began to provide the aspiring artists with a memorable experience of having a high-quality Paint-by-Numbers kit of their own choice, which was shipped to them without the cost of a single penny, no matter where they lived in the world, and which ensured “insurance” in case the product was accidentally damaged in the process of packaging, storing or shipping. The vision of Paint-by-Numbers DIY - my vision - was based on the simple notions of trust, quality and community.

Here at Paint-by Numbers DIY, we believe great instances define great experiences, and learning from the past, we believe that furthering an environment of customer care, quality assurance and fine communication is a key factor in providing the customers with a great experience, which is what we value most at Paint-by-Numbers DIY!