Couple Rain Walk Paint by Numbers
Couple Rain Walk - Leonid Afremov
Couple Rain Walk - Leonid Afremov
Couple Rain Walk - Leonid Afremov

Couple Rain Walk - Leonid Afremov

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Paint by Numbers is a sure way to safely wander into the world of painting. With its elaborate style and impressive innovation in the realm of paints, paint-by-numbers provides the person with a chance to exercise their artistic expression without any fear or insecurity of messing up the work. Apart from the benefit of learning how to paint through paint-by-numbers, one can also use paint-by-numbers as a therapeutic hobby which is a sure way of indulging yourself in a craft that is peaceful, valuable and promises a learning experience.

The method of painting within a specified numbered section and having the assistance of instructions to do so is an appealing factor to beginners, which is why we here at ensure that our customers have an enthralling experience of painting by numbers, with guaranteed quality assurance and customer care.

Each of our Paint-by-Numbers kit comes with:

Complete components:

Each of the paint-by-numbers kit that we sell comes with the following components:

  • Set of paint brushes
  • Labeled Paint pots with non-toxic paint
  • High-quality canvas upon which the image has been printed and carefully portioned using blue or grey lines
  • Referential sheet of paper, which helps you to figure out where exactly you are supposed to use a particular color of paint on the canvas

Our kits are made with love and care because we believe customer service comes first and foremost. Our main goal is to provide people with high quality product kits so they can enjoy the experience of painting by numbers to its fullest.

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The offer of free worldwide shipping:

We offer free worldwide shipping to all the aspiring painters because we believe distances should not be a hindrance in pursuit of creativity. Our paint-by-number kits are packaged in state-of-art storage facilities, from where they are shipped out to our eagerly waiting customers. However, the package may take up around 15-30 working days, considering the cargoes and shipping procedures. Orders may be shipped in multiple packages.

“We Insure if You’re not Assured” Policy:

Each of our paint-by-numbers kit comes with the policy of “We Insure if You’re not Assured”. In case you have a faulty or a missing component, your product has been unfortunately damaged during the shipping process or you have received the wrong order, we are happily willing to change the product for you….. for free!

In case you have any more queries, feel free to refer to our customer care services.

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