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Custom Paint by Numbers - Paint Your Memories

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What if we told you can paint your memories? If it was a bad memory, you can change the color palette and make it positive?  With Custom Paint by numbers, that is possible. Excited to tell your friends and family that you painted into a memory? Now you can spend hours painting into a memory that you treasured by getting it turned into a paint by numbers artwork. It doesn’t matter if you know the basics painting, our custom paint by number kits are easy to learn and at a minimal cost you can paint your favorite memory. 

How can I paint my favorite memory?

It’s simple. You will have to email us the photo you want converted to a paint by number canvas. Our experienced team will convert it accurately, Before shipping it out to you. We will ship the canvas over to you as soon as we can so that you don't have to wait for too long. We offer 5-9 days Fast shipping to USA.

Things to keep in mind when placing an order:

When uploading the picture, make sure to select the size of canvas which has a similar aspect ratio to avoid pixelating and cropping of your memory.  Your paint by number canvas kit will include:

  • A top quality canvas
  • Nontoxic and environment friendly numbered paint set
  • Set of brushes

If you don’t feel like ordering a custom paint by numbers kit than you can chose from a  variety of pre-printed canvases that promise to give you an experience of a lifetime.

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12"x16" / 30x40cm, 16"x24" / 40x60cm, 16"x28" / 40x70cm, 16"x16" / 40x40cm, 18"x18" / 45x45cm, 18"x24" / 45x60cm, 18"x28" / 45x70cm, 20"x20" / 50x50cm, 20"x24" / 50x60cm, 20"x28" / 50x70cm, 20"x30" / 50x75cm, 20"x32" / 50x80cm, 24"x24" / 60x60cm, 24"x32" / 60x80cm, 24"x 35" 60x90cm, 24"x48" / 60x120cm, 16"x20" / 40x50cm + frame, 16"x20" / 40x50cm, 16"x22" / 40x55cm, 16"x20" / 40x50cm framed


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LT01: 70% wool, 15% polyester, 10% polyamide, 5% acrylic 900 Grms/mt